Get Cooking with help from Alabama's Cottage Food Law

Have you got a fantastic cookie recipe? Are you a candy maker or maybe a jam or jelly maker? Perhaps cakes or chocolate are your thing? If any of these (and more) are true and you've been wanting to start your own business selling your product, then there's good news thanks to the Alabama Cottage Food Law!

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Surviving and Thriving in the Age of Social Media, part two

In the first post of this series, we covered the rise of social media and it’s importance as a marketing tool for small businesses. However, more importantly, we also covered the pitfalls that abound when it comes to social media use. 

We learned that social media can be an uneasy bedfellow and downright dangerous if you don’t have some important protections in place to keep you focused on using these tools the right way to grow your business. 

So what to do about this wonderfully helpful, but dangerously distracting part of life in our modern age? 

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Manage Your Online Reviews Like a Pro

As we established in the previous post, online reviews are currently one of the most important sources of information and feedback regarding business operations and how your customers interact with your brand. Furthermore, they provide many businesses with very effective (and usually free!) tools to monitor and grow your reputation. 

All of that goodness can come with a cost, however, and the cost in this case is that you've got to know how to manage these reviews, good and bad, in a way that grows your business reputation and drives traffic to your storefront. 

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