Marketing for the Masses with Max Polec

Welcome back to The Dispatch!

Today I’m talking with Max Polec. Max is the interim COO at Fledging, a Birmingham-based startup building really cool hardware that helps make life easier for creatives that rely on technology to get their jobs done. Max also runs Abstract Collective, a design, marketing, and strategy firm that helps your brand stand out.

A Sea of Startups: Lessons from Running an Accelerator with Lydia Dick

Today's guest is Lydia Dick. Lydia is the Director of the Commercialization Accelerator at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Lydia spends her days working with university students to help clarify, refine, and, ultimately, commercially their business ideas. 

Starting a business is hard and no one I know has had more experience with that process than Lydia. She's worked with and coached hundreds of students on how to take their ideas from start to launch and I'm super proud to have her on the show today.