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Grow the way you want to grow. We'll help get you there.

Trevor Newberry began his career in food service at the age of 14 washing dishes in the kitchen of a family friend's restaurant. Little did he know the future those humble beginnings would portent...

After college, Trevor re-entered the food and beverage industry and spend years learning crafts ranging from coffee roasting, bartending, coffee preparation, cooking, equipment maintenance and more. 

Most importantly, however, Trevor was fortunate enough to spend 10 years at the helm of the famous Birmingham, Al cafe and coffeehouse, Urban Standard. 

It was there that Trevor cut his teeth as a manager, acquiring skillsets that range from financial management to human resources and even media and marketing. 

Today, Trevor is bringing his broad experience and resources to bear in the form of Newberry Consulting Services. 

Newberry Consulting was created to help locally owned and operated small businesses grow and thrive on their own terms. 

In practice, this means that we help our clients take control of their businesses and exert their influence over the direction of the business. 

We believe that small businesses are the standard bearers for culture and values in their communities and we want to help more small business owners realize their potential and take control of the future of their businesses and their communities.