Where to Start When Starting a Startup

Where to Start When Starting a Startup

Starting a business is scary, expensive, and difficult. There are so many unknowns. You’re really not unlike a blindfolded driver attempting to navigate a busy city. The task can feel just as impossible. 

But don’t despair. The secret to getting started is lowering the pressure you place on yourself and your idea. We want to reduce the “activation energy” so you can take smaller steps that are easier to manage. 

Startup Method: Talking Lean and Agile with Dave Masom

Today, I’m talking with a good friend of mine and an incredibly talented and kind human being, Dave Masom.

Dave has extensive experience studying and implementing Lean Startup and Agile methodologies to bring new software products to market, so I asked him to come on and give us the lowdown on what these methodologies are and how we can take advantage of them to help bring our own products, services, or even entirely new companies to market.

This is a chewy episode, so buckle up, grab a pen and some paper for notes, and enjoy!