When Life Hands Your Business Lemons

Sometimes things just go wrong. 

Sometimes you forget details, even important ones. Sometimes you sleep through your alarm. Sometimes you say the wrong thing to the wrong person. 

And sometimes the people and things in your life will just let you down. 

All of these things are universal truths that take on a different meaning in the context of running a business. 

When things go wrong in a business, we're often forced by the circumstances to make hard decisions. It may mean letting someone go. It could also mean larger structural changes to your business forced by a changing market. 

Regardless, there will be hard decisions that, often times, have only bad answers. 

So how do you make sense of these decisions when there's seemingly no good answer? 

For me, it begins and ends with perspective. 

In my view, a business is a living, breathing entity. It grows and changes, requires maintenance and care just like a living human being. A business provides means and resources to its employees. People make their living, put food on their tables, and care for their families as a result of the business existing. 

With that as the backdrop, it becomes easier to make hard decisions. If my company of 15 people is being hindered by one individual, keeping this perspective makes the decision regarding a personnel change much easier. 

This perspective also makes me more more inclined to recognize and reward excellent work from my coworkers. 

If the market is changing around me and I'm considering restructuring to meet new demands in the new market environment, keeping this perspective makes the work of those difficult and often chaotic changes worth it and inspires me to work harder and better. 

At the end of the day, hard decisions are just that, hard. Sometimes really hard. 

In the context of business, those hard decisions can impact the lives of many people, making the process infinitely more stressful and difficult. 

By developing and maintaining a healthy perspective on the important elements of your business and the larger role your business plays in the lives of its workers, customers, and community, you'll be much better prepared to make hard decisions. 

You'll be making decisions with integrity and intention, which will pay dividends for years to come.

Are you ready to start focusing on your customers, your team, and building a sustainable business that tells powerful stories and builds strong communities?

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