Startup Method: Talking Lean and Agile with Dave Masom


Welcome back to The Dispatch everyone! It’s been a long time and I want to personally apologize for the absence. I’m super fortunate that my business has been booming, but that means I’ve been a little too busy to create content lately.

Excuses, excuses.

Well, I’m back and I’m excited to bring you guys a series of interviews I’ve conducted and slowly, but surely, edited over the past few months. You’ll hear from directors of accelerator programs, entrepreneurs, project management experts, and more!

So, I have a question for you today. Have you ever thought you had a great business idea, but, when push came to shove, had no idea how to work it out and bring the idea to life? Well, if that sounds like you, then you’re in luck because today’s guest is here with a boat load of information to help you navigate the tricky waters of starting company and launching new products and services.

Today, I’m talking with a good friend of mine and an incredibly talented and kind human being, Dave Masom.

Dave is the Director of Product Development at Pack Health, a startup here in Birmingham that helps people with chronic conditions lead happier and healthier lives.

Dave has extensive experience studying and implementing Lean Startup and Agile methodologies to bring new software products to market, so I asked him to come on and give us the lowdown on what these methodologies are and how we can take advantage of them to help bring our own products, services, or even entirely new companies to market.

This is a chewy episode, so buckle up, grab a pen and some paper for notes, and enjoy!


The Lean Start Up by Eric Reis

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