Daughter's Baking started with a simple idea...

Make beautiful cakes with creative flavors and textures that make people happy. 

Mallory Web began her baking career at the beloved Birmingham, Alabama cafe and coffee house, Urban Standard. As she learned her craft, she began exploring different ideas and styles of pastry that interested her. She began to gravitate toward her unique style of cake baking and the seeds of entrepreneurship took root.

After several months of baking and selling cakes on the side, Mallory decided that she wanted to make a real go of it, but realized that she would need some help learning the landscape of owning and running a small business. That's where Newberry Consulting  stepped into the picture. 


After bringing Newberry Consulting on board, we immediately began Road Mapping the process of getting Mallory's business house in order. Our first steps were to begin the process of securing proper licensure and pouring over sales data to get a deeper picture of Daughter's Baking's financial health . We worked closely together with our partners to help Mallory obtain her LLC along with her business licenses. 

Mallory needed some training to understand the basics of business finances and we were happy to oblige. We're currently using accounting software to demonstrate how cash flow works, how expenses are categorized, and how to keep track of her basic income and expenses to know how much of her hard earned money she's taking home at the end of the day. 

Last but not least, we also took time to examine Mallory's product line as well as her process and began to work to optimize for efficiency and marketing. For example, we worked together to create a Holiday Menu of cakes to market to her customers. 

Our goal with Mallory and all of our clients is to give them the tools they need to exert control over their business and help them grow their business in a smart, focused way. We're looking forward to continuing work with Mallory and helping Daughter's Baking grow into the next exciting phase. 

Interested in working with Newberry Consulting Services? 

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